The villas are located just off the main road, snaking down the western side of Mani at the north side of Oitylon Bay.

Oitylon Bay, named after the small town of Oitylo perched on top of cliffs to the north east, is stretching in front of you round the small fishing village of Limeni to the south. This is the heart of the Mani, an area steeped in history. If you look closely in neighboring places you will spot ancient columns and inscriptions built into churches. To the east is the 17th century castle of Kelepha. There are plenty more castles and beautiful churches in Mani. Thirty minutes drive to the east is Gytheion, a bustling seaside port lined with enticing fish restaurants. It was also the location of Paris and Helen of Troy’s first romantic evening together!

Mani was independent of Ottoman rule and the most famous of its families were the Mavromichalis (The Black Michaels). Limeni, now a sleepy fishing village, was their headquarters and their ancestral war tower still dominates the location.

To the north you have the Exo (Outer) Mani, with lovely and un-spoilt resorts and fascinating mountain villages strung along the slopes of the stunningly beautiful Taygetus mountains. To the south you have the southern part of the Taygetus spine extending down to Cape Matapan, or Taenaron – the gateway to Hades. At the beginning of the south spine, on a rocky hilltop of the west slope, the village of Kouskouni overlooks the town of Areopoli. This is the Mesa and thereafter the famous Lower Mani with places such as Mezapo, Gerolimenas, Vathia (the tower village), Lagia, Kotronas. A feast of old Maniat tower houses, the world famous Diros Caves, exquisite Byzantine churches, romantic Frankish castles, and some delightfully empty coves and beaches await the adventurous traveler.

The traffic at the villas is negligible. While being in the middle of the area summer activities, you will simultaneously enjoy the ultimate in privacy. During the superb nights you’ll appreciate the tranquility and you will be serenaded by the whisper of nature.

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How to find us

The Villas are located some one kilometre west of Oitylo and about 155 metres above the crystal clear sea level. 

Coming from Athens the best route is via Sparta and on to Gytheion. Bypass Gytheion and take the road to Areopolis. Arriving just outside the town bear right and follow the road down the southern slopes of Oitylo Bay, bypassing Limeni. After a short climb on the northern slopes the villas will appear. There is a turning off the main road leading to the garages and villas.

From Kalamata follow signs to Areopoli and follow the main road south through Exo Mani, driving through Kardamyli, Stoupa, Platsa, Thalames  and Langada. Ignore the turning into Oitylo and continue down the hill. Few hundred metres later the villas will be signposted on your right.

If you need to check on GPS the location is 36 41 58 N  22 22 24 E. You can consult the here below presentation from Google Maps©.

Google street view