Soukidia Villas and covid-19

Soukidia Villas and covid-19

Dear Guests, Dear Friends


Summer vacations are important to everyone; they must not be lost.


Greece has been quite successful in the fight against covid-19. Mani has been impeccable. No victims!

The dry climate and the proper temperature of the environment are of great support.

In Soukidia Villas you will enjoy more. Absolute privacy and safety. Association and fellowship at your absolute discretion.

If you wish you can enjoy the beauties of the graceful nature, the sun, the clean air, the magnificent view, the pool, relaxing at our villas, with the company only of your family and friends.

And from our side, we shall fully adhere to any health directive by the authorities, in order to have the villas accordingly prepared for your ease and safety.


Our warmest wishes for a happy summer 2020


Soukidia Villas